Work is Love Made VisibleGenerational Awareness – Our 21st Century Theme

Generational Awareness is an umbrella “Why” concept under which many modern “What” ideas fall. For example …

  • Sustainability — Sustainable and Sustainability are used to describe many different approaches toward maintaining or even improving quality of life. While Sustainability does not (and probably should not) have a rigid definition, in many cases, the overarching “Why” can be attributed to the awakening of our ethical and moral responsibility those who follow.
  • Pay-it-Forward — is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. In the broadest possible terms, the motivation to “pay it forward” is “What” we do while the motive, the “Why” can be attributed to Generational Awareness.

These kinds of undertakings are not always going attract investors or win the approval of bankers. Nonetheless, they are still worth doing, and perhaps are going to be essential building blocks for future prosperity. Hence, bringing visionaries and people who believe together is the stuff of which Crowd Funding sites are made.

GenAwe “Why’s”

  1. Life is fleeting. We are stewards. Hopefully, intelligent ones.
  2. People who make improving their corner of the world a top priority live rewarding lives. They are content, happy, respected and loved.
  3. People the world over are getting the idea. As a result, good works are proliferating. Why? Because they know it is the right thing to do, that it makes you feel good, and it makes sense.

The phrase “Leave it better than you found it” implies that we recognize our responsibility to those who come after us.


We see our projects falling into four general categories:

The PAXNRG Project Wheel

The PAXNRG Project Wheel

Thought: Abraham Lincoln knew it — “With public opinion, you can accomplish anything. Without it, you can accomplish nothing.” We need to make people aware of what Generational Awareness is all about.

Action: Once the idea is planted, you need action to make it “sticky.”

Innovation: Many organizations, institutions, and individuals are already engaged in GenAwe activities.  PAXNRG provides a venue to acquire funding for projects that can deployed on a personal, community, national and international basis. These can either be for-profit, or not-for-profit. It is going to take both.

Commerce: As people and businesses and governments increase their recognition of the importance of Generational Awareness, more and more good jobs will be created. Entirely new businesses will be founded, and as a result, the world will enjoy a new source of wealth creation and economic prosperity. We are especially interested in projects that:

  • Promote sustainable technologies and approaches to living.
  • Democratize access to energy through renewable, non-polluting energy resources.
  • Develop or invent “Energy — Sip it, Don’t Guzzle it” products and services.
  • Advance energy efficiency.
  • Advance humanitarian objectives.


Project supporters can choose from two types of projects.

Supporters of PAXNRG Projects can get two kinds of rewards.

Supporters of PAXNRG Projects can get two kinds of rewards.

Pay it Forward – people who support “Pay it Forward” projects are contributing out of the goodness of their heart. They do not expect remuneration.

Pay it Back – people who support “Pay it Back” projects expect to receive something in return, ranging from a one-time ‘gift’ to an ongoing benefit. 

Have a Project?

For the time being, all PAXNRG projects will be placed on the site by PAXNRG.

It will soon be possible for you to put your project up without our help. In the meantime, if you have a project ready to promote through PAXNRG, please contact us.