Generational Awareness or "GenAwe" - It's a very cool concept

Concentrate on making the world better for the generations that follow.

All over the planet, people are doing it. It's a totally natural motivation. It's for the children.

GenAwe = Improve your corner of the world; leave it better than you found it; help others do the same.

It's one of the keys to lasting happiness, fulfillment and contentment. Naturally, it's also what PAXNRG is all about.

The New Era Begins -- July 28th, 2015

GenAwe Projects will fall into many categories, but all share a common characteristic -- make the world a better place.

Amalgamating enlightened initiatives into one crowdfunding site --

Sustainability including democratizing access to energy, developing the 'NRG - Sip it, don't guzzle it' sector and guarding our most precious asset -- the environment. Yep. Protect the principle, harvest the interest.

The myriad faces of 'Paying it Forward' Humanitarian and philanthropic projects. Improve access to education. Foster creativity. Narrow the wealth gap. Explore new approaches to health. Resolve conflicts. Combat bullying and abuse. Adopt children. Etcetera.

Imagine, invent, innovate -- improve the world around you. It's the true path to lasting happiness and joy.